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Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery is the premiere bone and joint center in Dubai. We offer a complete range of procedures and treatments to address hip, knee, and shoulder joint problems.

The Knee: Overview of the Structure

A normal knee consists of two bone ends protected by cartilage, and enclosed in a joint capsule filled with viscous synovial fluid for lubrication, ensuring smooth, painless movement. As the knee bone begins to erode, the physiological changes that take place in and around the joint cause severe pain. The reason being, cartilage, unlike other tissue cells, is not replaced once damaged, leading to coarse, tender movement. Without this layer of protection, bones get in contact and cause friction, which causes erosion and ultimately culminating in deterioration.

Furthermore, as cartilage and bone erode, the joint capsule becomes inflamed resulting in the formation of scar tissue.

Why Knee Joint Replacement:

The most commonly quoted reason for joint replacement is excessive pain, which remains unresponsive to conservative treatment methods such as medication and physiotherapy. At our Dubai joint and bone center, every knee specialist is bent on achieving a single, unified mission: To help our patients achieve a better quality of life by providing specialized treatment to treat their condition. With our treatments, our patients enjoy:

  • Healthier limbs
  • Improved joint movement and general mobility
  • Healthier bones
  • Independent movement
  • Return to natural leg shape

Artificial Replacements: The Process

In artificial replacement, the knee specialist slices off a thin layer of eroded bone from the surface and replaces it with two artificial metal surfaces separated by polyethylene to minimize friction. At our center in Dubai, an in-house knee specialist can perform two types of surgery depending on your condition:

Full Flexion Knee

Recent advancements in replacement surgery have made it possible for patients to fully flex their post-operative knee; a task previously unfeasible. This greatly increases mobility and allows for patients to return to their expected activity level.

Partial Joints

Designed for patients with only partial erosion of the knee, this surgery has a shorter recovery period and can be performed with simpler surgical equipment and tools, allowing for a less invasive surgery.

At our Dubai joint and bone center, we provide our patients with the best artificial joints, produced by US-based ZIMMER, currently the largest manufacturer of such products in the world. These are produced with materials that known to be accepted by the body, resulting in an astounding 100% acceptance rate to date. Zimmer provides a series of systems that are adapted to individual needs. They are as follows:


Used at our center by an experienced knee specialist during cases where a partially-eroded knee joint surfaces, and can be performed with an incision no longer than 6cm.

Legacy LPS Flex

This is offered at the center in cases where there is surface erosion, but the knee is still able to fully flex. The incisions are between 8 and 12cm.

NEXGEN system

Introduced when there is surface erosion, which limits the flexion to partial range.

Legacy CCK

Is used in cases of bone cancer or repeated joint implant, where the bone erosion has staggered to an advanced stage.

Versys system

This hip-replacement system is the first designed to reduce implant related complications.


This system is more convenient for younger patients with good bone quality


This system is offered at our center for patients who are allergic to metal.


The newest knee replacement system, Persona conserves more bone and is specially designed to be adapted to the Asian knee.

Surgical Complications

Complications from replacement are similar to those from any routine surgery. At our bone and joint center in Dubai, we take careful precautions to minimize the risk of postoperative complications, and provide you with the most complete care.

Every joint and knee specialist at our center prescribes the necessary antibiotics, while providing a sterile environment to reduce the risk of infection. Patients at our center are also given anticoagulants to prevent thrombosis, where blood clots start forming in the circulatory system.

Blood Transfusion

In some cases, a joint or knee specialist may recommend blood transfusion after the operation. Our joint and bone center offers the most trusted blood transfusion procedure from a donor source, which meet the highest international standards. However, if preferred, the patient may undergo autologous blood donation, where they donate their own blood prior to surgery, which can then be used if needed.



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