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Foot and ankle problems can cause acute pain and affect one’s quality of living. Ankle contusions, ligament tears, ruptured tendons, bone fractures, and joint sprains can severely impair one’s mobility and cause significant life changes if not tended properly. If you have suffered from a foot or ankle injury, it is best to schedule a consultation with an expert foot specialist. Dubai is home to BHAS, a specialist clinic comprising some of the best foot and ankle doctors in Dubai today.

If you need expert medical attention, BHAS houses a comprehensive foot clinic equipped to deal with even the most complicated disorders and injuries of the lower extremities.

We have the leading foot and ankle doctors in Dubai

BHAS is a state-of-the-art medical facility that offers treatments, therapy programmes, and clinical care for various specialized medical conditions and injuries. We have three fully-equipped operation theatres and a team consisting of highly trained nurses, experienced clinical staff, and specialist therapists to provide our patients the best quality care in the region. From sports- and activity-related injuries to debilitating ailments, we at Burjeel have the expertise, equipment and experience to provide world-class medical care to our patients.

We can perform comprehensive surgeries on injured ankles or feet, conduct therapy to accelerate recovery from injuries, and facilitate the repair of torn ligaments and tendons. We can also perform corrective operations on toe deformities, arthritis, and bunions.

With our foot specialist, Dubai patients are treated with a personalized approach

To ensure that we provide our patients with the best care possible, we tailor our approach according to their specific needs. Your foot doctor will go to great lengths to understand your individual case, and identify the best approach to treat your condition. Whether you have sustained an injury from a sport activity or are suffering from a long-term deformity, your foot doctor will make sure your pains are understood and treated properly.

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Ready to live life to the fullest? Get in touch with the leading foot clinic today – BHAS. To find out more, feel free to chat with us or submit your online request form or contact us at 044070100.



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