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To worry or not to worry

To worry or not to worry

Every day, children are born with various orthopedic problems that can seriously affect their lives, if they are, not treated well in time. Orthopedic conditions in children occur because their bodies including their bones, muscles and joints are still developing. These problems are primarily of the bone, joint, spine and limb development in the growing child. These problems can be congenital (ie, present at birth), developmental (occurring spontaneously during growth) or traumatic. Dr Zaid Al Aubaidi, consultant pediatric orthopedic and pediatric spine surgeon, Burjeel Dubai, said: "We call these conditions in children as non-disease or non-concerning conditions as these are not diseases but are physiological, normal conditions that you find in kids and I also sometimes refer them as "worried parent syndrome". "

Source: Khaleej Times


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