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Swimming is good for your bones, muscles

Swimming is good for your bones, muscles

Swimming is a total body exercise for people of all ages, abilities as it combines the benefits of weight training and aerobics, wrote Dr. Bhuvaneshwar Machani, a consultant, orthopedics at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery in Dubai. He said that the swimming has long been plugged as a great exercise, one that's easy on the body and good to relieve joint pain. It is recommended that UAE residents add a few laps to their regular routine to discharge monotony, tediousness and strengthen muscle and bones. In addition, swimming can support the bones beyond what we eat and drink. And it's much easier on joints and bones than any other workout. When it comes to finding the right exercises to combat osteoporosis, swimming is often recommended because it is a low-impact exercise. Many orthopedics and physical therapists use some form of a water workout for patients with joint and bone ailments."


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