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International Patient Flew To Dubai For Spinal Fusion at BHAS

International Patient Flew To Dubai For Spinal Fusion at BHAS

Salboukh Ghanim Kh, a 45-year old Kuwaiti flew to Dubai after a series of online research, hospital inquiries and finally, on a friend's recommendation. This international patient took a decision to have a spinal fusion surgery to get rid of his detrimental backpain. 2-3 days post-surgery, the patient of NeuroSurgeon, Dr. Sebouh Kassis at BurjeelDubai was amazed to be standing and walking without pain which had him suffer for 8 long years.

Prior to his L4-L5 and L5-S1 transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion operation,(which consists of removing the pressure from nerve roots and replacing the diseased discs with a cage along with performing fixation using metallic implants) he went to several hospitals in his country and took pain killing injections . His friends and relatives and doctors advised him to go for surgery but he was afraid to do it because of his perception that a surgery on the spine is dangerous, so he continued suffer for 8 years. He had bad days when sometimes he was unable to neither walk nor move at all.

He is grateful to his friends who advised him to go to Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery in Dubai because they are known to be specialized in bone and spine issues. On arrival to Burjeel Hospital he was very happy about everything as he was warmly welcomed by the doctors, nurses and the staff, he says. He was then booked for Dr. Sebouh Kassis consultation whom he found a very intelligent surgeon and a nice person.

“He sat with me, prepared me for the surgery and I stayed in the hospital for 1 week. They all took care of me very well and the doctor was with me all the week even on a Friday “reports Mr. Salbouk. The surgery took about 5 hrs and after 2-3 days, he was able to walk and move around normally. After 1 week in the hospital, he started physiotherapy. “ Dr. Sebouh was very professional. He even went with me there and did not leave me” says the patient.

He said that he was surprised and felt like he did waste those 8 years being in pain and disabled. Now he has high hopes to move forward.

“Sometimes people are scared of back surgeries because they think it is dangerous but what Dr. did is very professional. He replaced the affected parts of my back and made it stable”, says Mr. Salboukh.

“At the end, he would like say to thank you everyone especially Mr. Said Mizyan, Mr. Abdul Salam, Dr. Samih Tarabichi and the staff. Dr. Sebouh is now like a family, not only a doctor for me. I think I will come back just to thank everyone next time because it is amazing to be standing after 2-3 days post-surgery when you had suffered for 8 years” says Mr. Salbouk as he ended.


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