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Health And Cheerfulness Go Hand In Hand

Health And Cheerfulness Go Hand In Hand

Do you know that thinking positive and feeling good also has to do withe the kind of diet you take and how good you keep your body? Beauty maybe skin deep but fit is to the bone and the health of our bones is crucial to our health and longevity in general. And if you have a family history of bone disease or are at risk, you should make some healthy lifestyle choices at the earliest to protect your bones. These are the very structures that support you, don't take them for granted, strengthen them if you want them to take a long way you need to take a few precautionary steps. Dr Harold Vanderschmidt, specialist orthopedic surgeon at Burjeel Hospital and Dr Faisal Hayat Khan, chief physiotherapist at the hospital, advice people on the right steps they should take to keep our most priceless possession, our body, healthy."


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