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Family Man's Debilitating Pain for 6 Years Resolved by Microdiscectomy: Dr. Sebouh Kassis

Family Man's Debilitating Pain for 6 Years Resolved by Microdiscectomy: Dr. Sebouh Kassis

Sreejith Payyazhi, a 36-year-old shipping professional who lives with his family in Dubai for over 11 years. Mr. Sreejith first experienced back pain on 2008. He met several doctors, had physiotherapy and manual therapy sessions but it did not improve until he met Dr. Sebouh Kassis, Specialist Neurosurgeon at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery on 2010. Since then, he has been his regular patient. His back pain was well managed although it recurs every 10-12months and he gets bed ridden for 3-4 days. During these tough times, he comes and sees Dr. Sebouh for treatment with medications and proper physiotherapy, the pain gets relieved. However, on May of this year, he experienced a severe pain in his right leg. Initially, a spinal injection (Epidural infiltration) was given but the pain remained. So then, Dr. Sebouh had advised Sreejith to undergo a minimally invasive spinal surgery called microdiscectomy on his 2 herniated discs L4-5 and L5-S1. Sreejith’s family were very apprehensive of the earlier perception regarding how risky could spinal surgery be but having had the physician’s educational advise that it is a small surgery with minimal risk , they decided to proceed. After the surgery ,the leg pain disappeared and within 24 hours after the operation, Sreejith was discharged from the hospital. Currently, about 3 months passed since the procedure, Sreejith is back to his active lifestyle. He does walking, swimming and is planning to start working out in the gym. He had fully recovered without any pain and believes that his horrible experience will never come back again. He thanks the hospital for all the care that was provided and encourages everyone to consult immediately for any related problems.


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